Peace Love Motorcycles

My friend Siddharth, the guy behind the cool Trip Machine is shifting his office and asked me to make a painting for his new mancave. Well, I made 4. Why? Because, I’m overexcited like that 😀 He makes handcrafted leather goods for bikes. Majority of his clients are men. Since I was given the freedom […]

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DIY visiting cards

I recently found really tiny toy rubber hands while hanging out with my cousin’s kids and have been waiting to do something with them. I thought that it will be a good idea to try (get ur hands dirty) DIY visiting cards. The back side of the card can have all the information required, it […]

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Forest Runway

Let me introduce you to our fashion label ILK since I will be mentioning it quite often on the blog. Ilk is the brainchild of my friend Shikha and I. It is a womenswear brand and we operate out of India. After my recent visit to the mountains, I had been itching to do a […]

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I recently visited Chakrata, a small town in Uttaranchal in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. Here are few quick sketches from my trip. Clearly, I had an overdose of green, no one’s complaining though 🙂   daisies Rainbow, right across my window Tiger falls Goat life (Kanasar)

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Well, one of my first drawings as a kid depicted my family (mom, dad, brother and me), which I found almost 10 years after it was sketched. Like most of us even I went back in time when I discovered this priceless treasure. P.S.: my mother doesn’t wear western skirts, only Indian saris and I […]

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Fitting in

I painted this in the year 2014. The painting shows a person trying to fit in a small box. Sometimes, we with our many emotions feel trapped in situations and try to fit in due to various pressures (personal or societal). The painting is a reminder that we are beautiful and can overcome anything if we nurture ourselves from […]

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