Through my childhood I wanted to be an artist, a fashion designer, an architect and a writer. I became a fashion designer who paints in her spare time. I have few architect friends (let’s just settle with that as of now) and with this blog I’ll tick the last box…writing.

In my work I like to explore the relationship between humans and nature. Nature being my primary muse, the clothes I design or the pictures I paint often represent my attempt to camouflage human life with elements of nature. Evoking a feeling or leaving an impression is what I seek rather than a rigid final solution.

I turned my passion into my profession and doing what I love for a living is my reason to jump out of bed every morning. There were some difficult decisions along the way but Hey! Gotta stick up for what you believe in. Self-pat on the back  😉

This is a blog about fashion and fine art and I can’t wait to share my journey with you.

I truly believe that if you want you can change the way of your life…just jump in and