The Festival of Lights is here again. I always look forward to making Rangoli (a design on the floor usually with colors, flowers and lamps). This year I tried an abstract rangoli and I totally loved making it. I would love to share the process with you. Happy Diwali everyone!!! the color vendor fill in […]

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I recreated few shots which were done for a campaign shoot. Working on these was quite a stress buster I must say… upside down bringing color strike your pose walk a thin line


The hidden d o o r

A couple of months back I was commissioned a painting by an art enthusiast   http://www.fivefeettootall.com 🙂 Inspired by one of my earlier works, I created a happier version of the existing. Here are the process pictures showing how I created this work from start to finish. Hope you enjoy to see the process as much as […]

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like a doll

Shortlisting 11 out of almost 6500 dolls at the Dolls museum, is not an easy task. Here are a few of my favorites 🙂 Flamboyant Lost King No gravity: Botswana Broken arm: India Singer: Andhra Pradesh, India Sitting Beauty: Israel Cute couple: Turhmenistan Woolen hair Boy and kite Floral Kimono: Japan Masked man : South […]

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Pondicherry…give time a break

Last week was well spent in Pondicherry. It is a town with beautiful sceneries in every little corner. This time of the year could be little taxing for those not used to the heat. The best time to plan a vacation to Pondicherry is during winter (November – March). We missed the entry to the […]

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daydreams and ice cream

Few days back I found out that July is national ice-cream month and there is something called a ‘National Ice Cream Day’ which is observed each year on the third Sunday in July in the U.S. My Instagram was loaded with people and their ice creams. Me, being in India couldn’t do much but devour a […]

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  Here are few sketches from my recent visit to Nainital. I made a zillion rough sketches but finished few of my personal favourites… Enjoy 🙂 Prayer flags, fog and the lake Mandatory rickshaw ride Lineup Little corn vendor My favourite thukpa 😀 and momos… Narrow market lane #tallital Pahari weapon: Bichoo grass Gladioli  

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